HowTo: Sending logs to Clustrix Support

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Versions: 7.5
When engaging Clustrix Support, one of the first things our team usually needs to start diagnosing issues are the logs. Therefore, we recommend collecting these logs, and submit them when you initially contact Clustrix Support. This helps us identify the issue, and the associated solution much faster.
Collecting the logs
There are two primary logs that our team looks at, which will tell us where to dig next:
  • The ClustrixDB server log:  clustrix.log
  • The ClustrixDB query log:  query.log

In some cases, other logs can be helpful in identifying issues, namely:

  • The ClustrixDB nanny log:  nanny.log
  • The ClustrixDB debug log:  debug.log
  • System /var/log/messages: messages.log
Each server in the ClustrixDB cluster writes its logs locally. Therefore we will need the logs from all files.
Collecting the logs can be performed from a single ClustrixDB server using the clx tool:
/opt/clustrix/bin/clx logdump clustrix > combined_clustrix.log
/opt/clustrix/bin/clx logdump query > combined_query.log
tar cvzf clustrix_logs.tgz combined_clustrix.log combined_query.log
rm -f combined_clustrix.log combined_query.log
Now you have a compressed tar file named clustrix_logs.tgz in your current working directory.
Sending the logs
Now that you have the logs collected into a tar file, you can send the file to Clustrix Support a couple different ways.
  1. If it is small (i.e. less than 10MB) you can simply attach it to the email you send to Clustrix Support.
  2. If it is a large file, you can FTP it to our Upload-only Clustrix FTP server
  3. Alternatively, you can share the file in a service like Dropbox or Google Drive, and provide the download link in the email to Clustrix Support.
To FTP files to our Upload-only Clustrix FTP server.
FTP server:
User:  anonymous
Password:  your email address
Once the file is uploaded, it will not be visible since the FTP server is configured to be write-only.  Please give the file an easily identifiable name we can identify as yours. Then please let us know you have uploaded the file by including the file name in your email to
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