How To: Stop a Node from Sending Alerts

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In ClustrixDB the alerter is a background process which monitors and sends alerts messages when specific criteria are met.

When an alert is triggered an email notification will be sent to the configured email addresses with information about the triggering issue. A list of ClustrixDB alerts can be found in the knowledge base article: What types of alerts can Clustrix send?

Ocasionally you may encounter situations where you wish to temporarily disable the alerter process. To disable the alerter from sending email alerts on a node, create a file named .noalerts in the / directory.


root@node001:/$ touch /.noalerts

Alerts generated while the .noalerts file exists will be logged to the clustrix.log on the node that initiated the alert. To silence alerts cluster wide the /.noalerts would need to be created on each node. You can do this with the clx tool.


root@node001:/$ /opt/clustrix/bin/clx cmd 'touch /.noalerts'

Possible reasons for disabling alerts:

Planned Maintenance

  • Prevent spurious alerts when performing maintenance or other activities where alerts are expected.

A known hardware issue.

  • Prevent alerts from a node with a known issue, until the issue can be resolved.

If a node is not sending alerts but the alerts are appearing in the nodes clustrix.log it is worth checking to ensure there is no /.noalerts file present.



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