Get the Status of a Currently Running Alter

Nick Lamb -

To get an indication as to how far along an alter is, you can do the following:

First find the xid for the transaction in the system.transactions table. You'll be looking for SERIALIZABLE (DDL) here. For example:

mysql> select * from system.transactions where isolation='SERIALIZABLE ' order by 2,1;

Screen_Shot_2012-05-24_at_6.32.06_PM.pngThat SERIALIZABLE transaction was started by the alter table machinery. You can then track the progress of the alter statement by getting an estimate for the number of rows in the table using explain:

mysql> explain select * from databasename.tablename;


And then plug in that number into the following query:

mysql> select sum(rows_read)/122838050 from system.transactions where xid = 5745092185389604867;


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