How to change the Time Zone

Suresh Ramagiri -

To configure the time zone, set the system_time_zone global variable. For example:

 sql> SET GLOBAL system_time_zone='PST8PDT'

The value of the time_zone variables must be a valid Olson time zone, for example "PST8PDT" .

Note: "PST" or "PDT" are not valid Olson time zones

You should set only modify system_time_zone, leaving time_zone set to its default value (SYSTEM).

To display time zone-related settings, issue the following command:

 sql> SHOW GLOBAL VARIABLES LIKE '%time_zone%';

If you are configuring replication with MySQL servers ensure that the time zone of your ClustrixDB installation matches that of your MySQL servers.

For more information on this topic, you can refer our documentation - Setting up the Time Zone.

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