Clustrix Clone Users

Nick Lamb -

Clustrix Clone Users will help to migrate all your MySQL users and permissions to/from MySQL and Clustrix.

./clustrix_clone_users --help
Usage: clustrix_clone_users [options]
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-H HOST, --host=HOST 
-P PORT, --port=PORT sql port, default is mysql port: 3306
-u USER, --user=USER username, default is root
-p PASSWD, --passwd=PASSWD
-v, --verbose 
-V, --version


./clustrix_clone_users -H myhost -u root >> user_dump.sql

This can then be imported into Clustrix like:

mysql -uroot -h <clustrix IP> < user_dump.sql

You can download the script here: Clustrix Clone Users
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