Binlog Trim

Nick Lamb -

Binglog Trim is a script to trim binlogs according to the retention policy

Usage: binlog-trim [options]

-h, --help show this help message and exit
-H HOST, --host=HOST 
-P PORT, --port=PORT sql port, default is mysql port: 3306
-u USER, --user=USER username, default is root
-p PASSWD, --passwd=PASSWD
-n NUM_FILES, --num-files=NUM_FILES
number of files to trim a time
-d, --dry do not perform any actual trims
keep this many days of binlogs
-i INTERVAL, --interval=INTERVAL
seconds between trims
-b BINLOG_NAME, --binlog_name=BINLOG_NAME
name of binlog to trim; must specify if multiple
binlogs exist
-M MAX_RUN_TIME_MINS, --max-run-time-mins=MAX_RUN_TIME_MINS
maximum time (minutes) script may run
-V, --version 
-N, --new-method use alternate method of SHOW BINLOG FILES for faster

binlog-trim is generally deployed as a cron job on one of the nodes. An example entry to run once a day at 5:35UTC, with a retention policy of 7 days, trimming no more than 15 files at a time, with a minimum 60 second pause between trims, and operating on the binlog called clustrix-bin:

35 5 * * * root /bin/binlog-trim -H localhost -i 60 -k 7 -n 15 -b clustrix-bin 2>&1 >> /var/log/binlog-trim.log 

Note that the INTERVAL is a minimum wait between trims; there is additional logic in the script to prevent the trims from building up too much cleanup work (the logs will indicate this with 'waiting for bigc to pass trim').

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