Clustrix 5.0 Released on AWS

Scott Sullivan -

Today we publicly announced the release of version 5.0 of Clustrix's database software on AWS. If you are reading this, you've found our community support forums which have been quite empty until now.

With our release on AWS, the Clustrix Support Staff are ready and committed to providing you with ridiculous amounts of support through these forums, free of charge. We know that building a community requires an significant investment of energy and we've been gearing up for the past few months getting ready to answer your questions as you start using Clustrix in the Cloud.

So bring it on! Create a profile, choose your avatar, and hit us with your questions. We're reading these forums all day long (night too!) and will get back to you shortly. If we cannot answer the question, we know who can and we will hold them down until they talk!

Everyone at Clustrix has been looking forward to this release on AWS and the self-service model it supports. We are really excited to hear from you as you start using our product and pushing its limits.

See you out there!

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