How Much Space Do I Need for a Log Partition?

Rupert Harwood -

Question: How much space do I need for my log partition?

Short Answer: 50GB

Long Answer: ClustrixDB outputs to several different log files, the main three being DEFAULT (clustrix.log on software or sprout.log on appliance), QUERY, and DEBUG. By default these three logs will rollover, start a new log, and archive the old log when any of the following condition are met:

  1. Log file reaches 1GB in size.
  2. Log file reaches the age of 24 hours.
  3. Time hits 00:00:01.

By default the cluster will hold for each log type 10 uncompressed log files and 20 gzipped log files for a total of 90 files. So in the most extreme situations the logs could potentially take up a little more than 35GB of space. Because of this and to be on the safe side we recommend 50GB partition for your log files.


For a complete list of best practices for ClustrixDB software installations: Best Practices for Platform Configuration for ClustrixDB Software Installations 

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