Upgrade Failing on Extracting and Verifying Checksums

Rupert Harwood -

If you are attempting to upgrade your software cluster and the upgrade is failing on "Extracting and Verifying Checksums" then you will need to rerun the upgrade package as root user.

clustrix001$ ./clustrix-clxnode-v5.2-10186-upgrade.sh install
Checking for node clock sync... Done
Verifying Payload MD5 Checksum... Done
Pushing package to cluster... Done
Extracting and Verifying Checksums on Upgrade... FAILURE
Tar Extraction Failed on clustrix001 Fix and try again.


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    Ed A

    This can also happen if the upgrade package is not copied to the same path on all nodes in the cluster. Message might be "Only x of y nodes passed install and checksum!"

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