"No space available for allocation type:" Error

Julie Mukherjee -

This error "No space available for allocation type" occurs when the temporary device space allocated for sorting is exhausted. This error is almost always it is seen due to some large BI type of analytical queries having ORDER BY or GROUP BY operation involved. The global variable, device_temporary_space_limit_bytes is used to set how much sort space is allocated per node for a cluster. Default value for this variable is 5GB. 

Short term recommendation for such an error is to set the global variable to a higher value. Long term recommendation is to identify the query that's filling up the temporary work space and tune it to reduce the data mass that it has to deal with in sorting and/or grouping before sending the resultset  to the client.

When the /data directory is 100% full and the device_temporary_space_limit_bytes is set to greater than the default value, you can sometimes see a No space available on device error instead of No space available for allocation type.

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