What types of alerts can Clustrix send?

Ryan Lecha -

ClustrixDB Software can send the following alerts:

ACTIVATION_FAILED            "Activation Failed"
DEVICE_DEACTIVATED           "Device Deactivated"
DISK_FULL                    "Disk Full"
DM_READ_ERROR                "Device Manager Read Error"
EXCESSIVE_CLOCK_SKEW         "Excessive Clock Skew"
HOST_FILE_ERROR              "Error writing host files"
INACCESSIBLE_TABLES          "Inaccessible Tables"
INSUFFUCIENT_REPROTECT_SPACE "Insufficient space for reprotection"
INTEGRITY_CHECK_FAILED       "Integrity check failed"
LICENSE_INVALID              "License is invalid"
LICENSE_NEAR_EXPIRATION      "License is nearing expiration"
LOST_QUORUM                  "Lost Quorum"
MONITORED_FS_PATH_ACCESS     "File system path inaccessible"
MONITORED_FS_PATH_ERR        "File system monitor error"
MONITORED_FS_PATH_FULL       "File system full"
MONITORED_FS_PATH_TINY       "File system too small"
NEW_GROUP                    "New Group"
PROTECTION_LOST              "Protection Lost"
PROTECTION_RESTORED          "Protection Restored"
SLAVE_RESTART                "Slave Restart"
SLAVE_STOP                   "Slave Stopped"
USER                         "User Invoked From SQL"

ClustrixDB Appliance can send the following alerts:

ACTIVATION_FAILED               "Activation Failed"
CLUSTRIX_DEV_DEAD               "Disk Failure"
CLUSTRIX_DEV_FULL               "Disk Full"
CLUSTRIX_DEV_MISSING            "Missing disk"
DEVICE_DEACTIVATED              "Device Deactivated"
DISK_FULL                       "Disk Full"
DM_READ_ERROR                   "Device Manager Read Error"
IB_SAME_SWITCH                  "IB ports on same switch"
INACCESSIBLE_TABLES             "Inaccessible Tables"
LOST_QUORUM                     "Lost Quorum"
MB_SENSOR_LONG                  "Motherboard Sensor"
MB_SENSOR                       "Motherboard Sensor"
MEM_ERR_CORRECTABLE             "Memory Error correctable"
MEM_ERR_UNCORRECTABLE           "Memory Error Uncorrectable"
NEW_GROUP                       "New Group"
NODE_REACHABLE                  "Node Reachable"
NODE_UNREACHABLE                "Node Unreachable"
NVRAM_BATTERY_FAIL_ABORT        "NVRAM Batteries Failed"
NVRAM_CF_ABORT                  "NVRAM Compact Flash Failed"
NVRAM_CF_SHUTDOWN               "NVRAM Compact Flash Failed"
NVRAM_CHARGER_ABORT             "NVRAM Charger Failed"
NVRAM_CHARGER_SHUTDOWN          "NVRAM Charger Failed"
PROTECTION_LOST                 "Protection Lost"
PROTECTION_RESTORED             "Protection Restored"
QPC_CORRUPT                     "Corruption detected in QPC"
SLAVE_RESTART                   "Slave Restart"
SLAVE_STOP                      "Slave Stopped"
TABLES_INACCESSIBLE             "Tables inaccessible"
USER                            "User Invoked From SQL"
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    Todd Trimmer

    Any of these cover an FTP backup failing?

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    Nick Lamb


    For ClustrixDB Fast Backup/Restore errors, please see our documentation here:  List of Errors for Backup and Restore

    If you have further questions, please let us know.

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