What variables can be used in the alert message?

Henry Hwang -

The alert message can use the following variables:

  • ${alerts_name}: e.g. Unknown-cldc8468072d34839c
  • ${cluster_name}: e.g. cldc8468072d34839c
  • ${customer_name}: name of the customer (if set)
  • ${date}: timestamp in ISO-8601 format
  • ${group}: the ID of the current cluster group
  • ${host}: name of host sending the alert
  • ${hwid}: the cluster hardware ID, e.g. 00}:25}:90}:78}:f7}:3c
  • ${image_version}: node image version, e.g. mainline1-build-4508-911e3c6462ec
  • ${message}: text of the error message
  • ${rfc_date}: timestamp in RFC-2822 format
  • ${severity}: INFO, WARN, ERROR, FATAL
  • ${summary}: short form of the error message
  • ${tz}: system timezone
  • ${version}: software version e.g. 5.0.45-clustrix-mainline1-9127-e839e5b836d5e5cb-release
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