New node only showing 5G of space

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In ClustrixDB versions 7.5+ there is a global variable device_auto_resize_to_largest that is default to TRUE, but only for new installs. For clusters that have been upgraded from previous versions, you'll want to first confirm that the /data/clustrix/ partition with largest device1 file has enough space to fit device1-temp file (default device_temporary_space_limit_bytes). If that's the case, you can set the variable to true, which will cause all nodes to grow their device1 file to the same size as the largest device1 file in the system. 

To set the global:

sql> set global device_auto_resize_to_largest=true;

If in the future you wanted to allocate more database space for each node (grow the device1 file) you can grow the device files with the following command:


A bit more information on this can be found in our docs here: Managing File Space and Database Capacity

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